Whether you are selling or buying through Solutions 2 GO, we are true partners in helping you achieve your business goals. Our deep knowledge of sales and distribution in the video game industry is an asset you can trust.

The Americas' Distribution Solution

  • Trade marketing and promotional expertise
  • Strong retail channel relationships
  • Distribution to 13 countries in Latin America
  • POS administration
  • Lifecycle management
  • Data management and reporting
  • Exceptional customer service


Buying through S2G

At Solutions 2 GO, every customer gets partner treatment, whether you’re a national chain or an independent store. Enhancing your profit is our number one goal.

Our dedicated sales team are experts in the video game marketplace. They will provide you with objective advice on new releases, product assortments, accessories and specialty products, including optimal volume orders based on your target audience and goals.

Below are some more advantages to buying through Solutions 2 GO…

REPRESENTING the world’s leading publishers, including Sony PlayStation

  • Activision
  • Bethesda
  • Konami
  • Sony
  • Studio WildCard
  • Ubisoft Canada

trade marketing programS TO increase IN-STORE sales

  • Strategic and high visibility in-store promotions
  • Planogram, product activation, POP placement
  • Promoters for ongoing, key launch and peak season needs
  • Sales force training for your team

maximizING profits through lifecycle management

  • Strategic knowledge of video game lifecycles
  • Minimization of inventory risks and issues