Solutions 2 GO is the only distribution company in Canada with extensive expertise in the video game industry. We represent all publishers in the market and ship to every major store front in the market. As a result, we offer partners an infrastructure, economy of scale and cost effectiveness that is hard to beat.

Supplier or retailer, Solutions 2 GO’s products and services are custom-designed to meet your business goals. Our dynamic warehousing and distribution systems enable same-day product turnaround and full product customization. Our systems, with full EDI capability, are tailored to meet supplier and customer-specific requirements.

Best of all, with Solutions 2 GO, you work with an entrepreneurial team that is 100% on your side. We do what it takes to help you achieve your business goals.

Buying from S2G

At Solutions 2 GO, every customer gets partner treatment, whether you’re a national chain or an independent store. Enhancing your profit is our number one goal. Our dedicated sales team are experts in the video game marketplace. Let us provide you with objective advice on new releases, product assortments, accessories and specialty products, including optimal volume orders based on your target audience and goals.

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